Magical Kefalonia

Kefalonia is the jewel of the Ionian Sea, a peaceful. tranquil sanctuary of outstanding natural beauty. It is the largest island in the Ionian group and the fifth largest in Greece with a total area of 688 square kilometers. Situated off the west coast of mainland Greece, it lies to the south of Corfu and to the north of Zakynthos and is only a short ferry ride from both Ithaca and Lefkada’ .

Assos Village - Villa Kalliste Kefalonia

Assos Village

The climate of Kefalonia is generally mild with typical Mediterranean features, that is, a long dry summer and a mild or wet winter. Visit in May and you will be rewarded with a vivid array of colorful flora especially in the Mt. Ainos National Park.

A surprise to most, Kefalonia’s landscape is lush and verdant with a Tuscan feel unlike the typical, dry and barren landscapes of the Cyclades and Aegean islands. Fir clad mountains, pine forests and deserted coves and beaches adorn the island.

Fiscasdo Bay - Villa Kalliste

Fiscasdo Bay

Venetian castles, gold clad churches, mycenean tombs and other antiquities await exploration and delicious local wines and traditional Kefalonian fare and hospitality will completely satisfy.

Kefalonia has a population of 40,000 of which ten percent are British ex-pats. This number swells to about 80,000 in the peak summer season with the majority of tourists arriving from UK, Italy, Holland and other parts of Greece.

Kefalonia’s relatively small population is the legacy of a devastating earthquake in 1953, the aftermath of which saw thousands emigrate to the US, Australia and New Zealand. The return of many of these émigrés together with the impact of over 600 years of Venetian and a sprinkling of British rule make for a heady cosmopolitan feel on the island.

But Kefalonia is proudly Greek and rich in its customs and traditions and in the summer months village festivals focused on local church feast days with singing, dancing and souvlaki resonate into the early hours! (An opportunity to celebrate is never missed!) The most important of these feasts are the splendid festivals in honour of Ayios Gerasimos, the patron saint of Kefalonia.

The Cephalonians are cheerful, quick witted, imaginative and always ready for a joke. The islander’s say of themselves that they are a little ‘crazy’ (and secretly enjoy this reputation amongst other island folk) but this is a special kind of craziness that fills them with pride rather than a failing! They are also unfailingly warm and generous.

Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia is a lively authentic working town with charm, wonderful coffee and pastries! Take a stroll around 11 am along the Argostoli harbor front when the colourful fishing boats are selling their morning catch and see the magnificent loggerhead turtles as they engage in opportunistic feasting! And lastly, get your glad rags out, the Argostoli party starts at midnight!